Hello everyone I wanted to share with you an excerpt from my book

“The Awareness Formula” there is vital information in what you will read

today, enjoy and use it!



The purpose for this manual is to establish in your mind a formula, toregain what has been lost in an artificial world where due to “pop culture”patterns we become more and more out of touch with this “lost thing.” You probably already have an idea what this lost thing is, well before I say specifically, let me tell you that the animals have not lost it. Take a deer for example; a deer will take about four or five looks before and during the timeit stops for a drink of water! Image result for deer drinking gifFor another example, have you ever noticed, days before a hurricane that there is instinctively less bird activity? On the other hand, look at us, mankind, we are inundated by the media telling us


Image result for they live tv gifall what to do, what is good, what is not good, what to wear, what the next trend is, and what to watch out for. Now, the media can be an effective way to inform the masses. However, when you are solely dependent upon outside influences, and are not able to use your instincts. This can lead to the decay of your ability to recognize threat indicators and process information, on your own which puts you further out of touch with this lost thing called “awareness”. You see I truly believe that a lot of what happens to us can be avoided with true awareness. I think if we were not so liberal and casual with our lives, we could be a lot safer. For example, would you consider a shark, a fearsome predator?Image result for shark gif

What about a lion?Image result for lion gif

Or a bear?

Related image


Well, we all know that when animals see lions, sharks, or bears they stay clear and are on guard. Well, ask yourself a question: who is at the top of the food chain? Man of course. Now, the reason man is at the top of the food chain is not necessarily because he attacks viciously like the lion, or shark. If that were the case, then awareness would be easy, for everyone knows the nature of the lion shark  and bear and what the instincts of these animals are. However, the reason man is at the top of the food chain is because man is not just a creature of instinct, man can also be premeditated and or behind the

scenes.  Ask yourself another question, if the victims of a serial killer could have recognized him as a threat, would they have still been his victims…?Probably not, as humans beings we can become so engrossed with our patterns like shopping, taking the children to football practice, what party we are going to, having a good time, and other pop culture activities that we lose our awareness. Now, I am not promoting paranoia, what I am saying is do not become so involved in your daily pattern that you lose or refuse to listen to or notice your what is happening around you. Moreover, if man is at the top of the food chain, he is also the #1 PREDATOR, ponder that for a little while. Thank you for reading this excerpt from my book “The Awareness Formula” if you like what you have read please give me your feedback below, subscribe, and share with your circle.


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