Unfortunately in our society unreasonable

standards are placed on women

regarding what they look like and

how they dress. This I feel creates a

hostile culture for women I will explain

“hostile” at the end of this article.

Think about it, society pressures women to:


1.Arch their eyebrows 

2.Paint their eyelids

3.Alter their eyelashes

4.Coat their faces

5.Paint their lips

6.Color their hair or put in extensions 

7.Alter their breasts 

8.Alter their stomachs

9.Alter their buttocks

10.Wear painful shoes in an effort to look prettyImage result for WOMEN and painful shoes

11.Paint their nails

Image result for toe nail paint

12.Wear “baby” tees, tight or form fitting, low cut, high cut, or short cut,


All for what? To keep up with, or

compete with other women or to get the

attention of men. Here is a secret for

women, men will look at you anyway,

because they are attracted to you.

All of the extra things can create a high

degree of lust in the mind of a predator,

especially when it comes to sexually

suggestive or revealing clothing.

so be aware when you go out that men will

notice a pretty or classy woman no

matter what she is wearing. Moreover,

all of that seems like a lot of work to

me, and somewhat of a burden on the

minds and hearts of women.

Especially when us men do not experience

this kind of pressure at all.

In addition, although some men do put

pressure on their women to conform,

from what I have learned the worse

pressure comes from other women themselves!

This is what I mean by a

“hostile culture”. Women are

brutally critical of each other

to the point of some women suffering

from anxiety or depression because of

the pressure to conform. I have a

high level of sympathy for women.

However, with all of that being said.

At some point daughters will be

introduced to this and the cycle continues.

How do we break the cycle and

redefine what it means to be beautiful

or attractive from a more natural,

realistic, and rationale perspective.

It is also even more important to keep

our daughters from growing up into

this “hostile culture” to soon. For

example, we have all seen little girls

having a face full of makeup, or

dressing a little too sexy or

revealing more than they should.

Image result for little girls shouldn't wear makeup

A good question to address with children

is when is the proper age to start

dressing the way society pressures grown

women to.  If you think about it

from the perspective of a little girl

facing this in school, or being

approached by a predator, the benefit

of redefining beautiful, or attractive

from a more natural perspective becomes

even more clear. Here is my 4 part

summary on the matter. I encourage:

  1. Natural hair, anything other than that, be reasonable and DO NOT, attach your self esteem to it. IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.
  2. Natural skin, if make up is used let it be reasonable, and DO NOT attach your self esteem to it. IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.
  3. Reasonably feminine attire, that makes you feel good
  4. Regarding body shape, before you alter yourself with an implant, do everything you can to work for the body you want, you gain so much more as a person. If you do decide to go for an implant ask yourself “why am I doing this” do you have a reason that’s not shallow or based on societal pressure? If you do it you are most probably attaching your self esteem to it, but here is a reminder anyway, IT’S NOT REALLY YOURS.

What is your summary or solution?

Please leave a comment below with

your insight on the matter. Also please

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