As some are aware, in Shu Ha Ri Do there

is a CODE of ethics that should

govern how a student lives. This CODE

has biblical implications. In short

doing what is “right” is the core of the

CODE. Although everyone has flaws,

no one should allow discouragement from

a struggle to take root and cause

them to give up. Self mastery is a life long journey.

So long, as you continueRelated image

to consume righteous content, which

will promote righteous thoughts,

emotions, actions and habits, your

character and destination will become



Below is an excerpt from a compilation

I recently came across called,


What the author writes I feel accurately

describes how I feel about self

mastery under the Kingdom of Heaven

and the footprint I and my students

leave in the world.



A clear and firm head must precede

and accompany a clean and gentle

heart. Without the first the second is

impossible, for the qualities of purity

and gentleness can only be reached

through a clear perception of RIGHT

Image result for right and wrong gif

and WRONG, and by the exercise of

an irresistible will. The strength of a

powerful animal, or of that animal

force in man which enables him to gain

the victory over others by attack and

resistance, is weakness compared with

that quiet, patient, invincible will by

which a man overcomes himself, and

tames to obedience, and trains to the

service of holy purposes, the savage

passions of his nature. Every dog can

bark and fight, and every foolish man

can rail, abuse, fence with hard words,

and give way to fits of bad temper;

these things are easy and natural to

him, and require no effort and no

strength. But the wise man puts away

all such follies, and trains himself in

self-control—trains himself to act

unerringly from fixed principles

(CODE), and not from the fleeting

impulses of an unstable nature.


Need I elaborate on this? This is what

most moms want their sons to be, and

who most dads would want their daughters to marry.

This CODE I have embraced has taken

TIME and PATIENCE to foster in myself, such a CODE is

what I teach and live by, making

the Kingdom of Heaven proud.

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