Watch the signs…



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Such warnings in the Godly text we’ll find,

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Can you see the symbols?

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Can you discern the signs?

You may, with mind un-tempered, by societal guidelines,

You see,

Symbols and signs

Seen simply with eyes

Have societal alibis

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Those seen through a spiritually educated mind

Tell the story of what’s to come, and

Most importantly, the meaning behind.



Thanks for reading everyone, I write this to encourage everyone to look

deeper into things that may not seem to be what we have been told. You will

find many times that things are not what they seem to be, that what you

thought was innocent and harmless is not at all innocent. Have the audacity

to look passed the “alibi” or “definition” given to you your whole life and

you’ll be amazed at what you uncover. Thank you for reading please

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