Wisdom from The Book of Hai / Clue

Greetings everyone I present to you another Hai Clue. This one is called…

Death and disease begins where?


Cheese, butter, grease, and fat

Food has no taste without that… right?

Why do we think this is so?

Because it is good for our body?

This is a resounding No

It all has to do with the tongue

If the tongue enjoys it then the battle is won



Of the damage that’s done

Consider a tube or a tract

That’s greasy and oily and packed

Image result for greasy pipe

Now how would you clean it exact?

You’d be using no oil or grease that’s a fact

To clean it you’d be in a rush

You’d use water soap and scrub brush

Inside you are hundreds of veins, tracts and tubes

That become impacted and lined with goo

Now how to be rid of this stuffage?

The missing link in our diet is fiber and roughage

Related image

Simply observe the “fast-aurant” where you’re resting (restaurant)

You’re sure to find oil that’s bubbling and festering

Take these truths if you would

Remembering that fast food may taste good

But does the body no good

Herein lies a profound lesson

Most death and disease begins in the intestines.


Now, I am not saying you should never eat any thing that is fatty, greasy,

buttery, or cheesy. However, it should not be the basis of your diet. You do

not have to be a vegan or vegetarian to be healthy. If you use moderation

when it comes to the things I mentioned as well as compensate with

supplements you will be fine. What supplements? Well hopefully you’ve had

read my previous article on the amazing benefits of  Black Seed Oil. If you

haven’t click here when your done with this post. In addition to black seed

oil you can use Chlorophyll as a blood purifier it also has amazing affects on

the body. Another item that I drink daily is Matcha Green Tea. There are

many other preventative measures out there however, these are the main

three that I use daily with great results!  I will be posting an article

highlighting the benefits of all three right after this one so stay tuned!



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