I am sure everyone that has a sliding glass door is aware of basic security

measures like placing a security bar in between the tracks of the doors. As

shown in the images below.

These are good deterrents for a criminal seeking to gain access by breaking

the lock or prying the door open. However, I have been enlightened by

someone who had a lifestyle of “breaking and entering”. This person who

will remain anonymous has since changed his life, and has shared some

insider information with me regarding some of his tactics. This will be the

first of a short series of articles  about what I learned from him. My goal is

to help you better secure your home from some of the breaking and entering

techniques he shared with me. Now, I am sure most of us have used some

variation of the security devices shown above. However, this person had

methods for getting around such devices. He would simply shatter the glass.

Now you are probably wondering like I did about the nose. Well, apparently

the noise is very minimal if done right. What he and others like him do is

stand back from the target and throw a marble or a ball bearing, this

method shatters the glass but keeps it intact.

Unfortunately, all a thief has to do next is knock the small pieces of glass to

the ground as he walks through. Criminals may also use a “center punch”

tool to break the glass, how a tool like a center-punch can be used to break

into a sliding glass door is clear in the illustration below.

Now, if you know one thing about this blog it’s, if I present I problem I will

also provide a solution.  Below is a simple window film that holds broken

glass intact. Although a criminal will still be able to break the glass, he will

not be able to simply walk through it with this film attached, not without a

major fight that will wake everybody up! So for your peace of mind I

encourage you to look into window film as an added security measure for

your sliding glass door. If you are interested in the window film click the

image below for more information. I hope you found this article helpful,

Godspeed in your safety!

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