Cave paintings…true or false? A MUST READ!


Below is a line of poetry from The Book of Hai Clue. This one is called…

Cave paintings…true or false?

It’s implied that they were only make believe, that what was painted

on caves was not really what was seen.

Whole cultures world wide with paintings that lied?

Were they proven true it would cause some to feel faint.

The true question is however, why would the ancients,

continuously paint, what ain’t? 

I have a biblical explanation

for this that will shock most.

      Anything that has a reputation of sneaking in and taking someone or

something without permission cannot be good.  So many have mentioned

terrible experiences. Who are they? Why does it happen to some but not all

people. What is the determining factor that keeps some safe and some not?

If you embrace “Warrior Wisdom” then part of your mission should be to

never “open the door” and expose yourself to being victimized in any way,

mentally, physically, or spiritually. If you have not seen all of my previous

articles I encourage you to scroll through the archives of the site and be

amazed at the vault of uncommon truth and wisdom you encounter. The

goal of this post is to stimulate thought. Please share yours below in the

comment section.

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