Below is an excerpt from the “Pseudo Energy Pseudo Knowledge section

of my book “The Book of Hai Clue” where I call money the “pseudo energy”.

Pseudo meaning fake, when you compare it to true energy like

hydro, geo-thermal, wind, cloud fog prairie windmill wind line machine wind turbine electricity energy wind power wind farm wind park windr der fichtelberg

magnetic energy.  These energies exist quite naturally without man’s

influence and all flow and originate from a “source” which is not man and

are freely given and in the beginning no one had to work for “pseudo

energy” in order to pay for the benefit.

 These energies flow like a current. Money on the other hand is

an artificially created item  that is “ironically”called “currency

(current) or “flow”basically imitating what occurs naturally. This

“currency” is used by society as a scale to weigh

money business paper material cash united states currency dollar trade quote finance banknote dollars in god we trust us currency january 1 dollar currency us usa transactions american dollar sided pyramid eagle front george washington

human worth. Unfortunately, we are nothing in “this” society without it

“they” say.

Although that is a terribly flawed concept I do encourage everyone to

acquire knowledge of how to legally generate and manipulate this Pseudo

energy. Using it to buy back what used to be free to us all. All the while

remembering that  our society will not change until God changes it bringing

in his true society. Image result for heaven

In my previous book, Harness the Power Within and Without,

I mentioned the concept of “Enemy Becomes Ally” and how this concept

relates to hand to hand combat and martial arts. Another category of the

“Enemy Becomes Ally” concept is the enemy of circumstance and

situation. Well in this case the “situation” is that this is our society and

we have all benefited from it and mostly been troubled by it.  The

fatal flaw of our society is that it is based on materialism and self

indulgence which are both contrary to life by the spirit. The answer

however, is always  to start with the self. If we are not careful the enemy of

self will establish an alliance with our circumstance or situation.  Meaning if

we become so engrossed with pseudo energy (i.e. money or materialism) we

will never be free. Image result for materialismThe idea is to grow spiritually, to realize that if you become

less enticed by what you can do to self indulge with pseudo energy in this

society. You begin to stockpile said energy. The result is your Pseudo Energy

begins to work for you and you begin to develop more profound

agendas for your life that will aid you in becoming free in mind

and purpose. I must re-iterate that I encourage everyone to acquire

accomplished achievement adults african african american african descent afro agreement american assistant black people business business agreement business deal businessman businesswoman caucasian collaboration colleague communication cooperation corporate business deal discussion greeting hands handshake happy helping hands man marketing meeting partners partnership people plan power promise shaking hands smiling support team team building teamwork togetherness trust unity woman suit fashion outerwear formal wear fun

knowledge of how to manipulate the flow of this Pseudo Energy

and become productive members of this society. However, it is of

prime importance to recognize the value and the origin of real/

true energy so that you will not embrace the love of this Pseudo

Energy, and materialism as the way things were meant to be. It is my hope

that my concept of Pseudo Energy has enlightened and inspired you toward

a deeper understanding of the “original plan” and what the “Kingdom”

to come will bring. man person black and white people white photography male village portrait young africa child black monochrome world life face kids children photograph poor uganda poor children photo shoot monochrome photography african children portrait photography human positions children of uganda mbaleIf you have any questions or comments please share

them in the comment section below, I will answer them promptly.

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