1.Be aware that most rapes are committed by someone the victim knows.

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2.  Be aware of your surroundings

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3. Due to my knowledge about the dark things that happen, and the types of individuals that frequent them I ADVISE AGAINST going to clubs. However, if you must go be sure to:

A. Stick with friends

B. Drink responsibly

C. Never leave your drink unattended

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4. If someone is making unwanted advances in any setting DO NOT feel any remorse in telling them to back off! Many predators will use the familiarity of a club, party, or a work setting to try and work on you. You are well within your rights to tell them NO in a firm manner. If they decide that you are the “B word” then they are not a good person to interact with anyway.

5. DO NOT broadcast your plans on the internet or social media, remember “most sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows”.

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Be very, very, careful about meeting up with people you meet online. I advise against it.

6. Be careful about texting or surfing on your phone or listening to your ipod out alone, these two items limit your sight and your hearing. Remember, predators prefer easy targets, a person not looking or listening makes an easy target.

7. If you are out anywhere alone do not simply stroll, walk with a purpose and get to where you are going.

8. If you notice you are being followed make eye contact with the perpetrator, it may feel uncomfortable but it may keep you safe.

9. I encourage everyone to invest in their personal safety either by a safety device like a stun gun, pepper spray, knife, or martial arts like my system Shu Ha Ri Do.

10. When you are entering your home, scan your surroundings. Look at the front and sides of your house, the front windows and the door. Make sure you have everything ready to go in do not linger at the side of your car, do not fumble around for your keys, have them ready.

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11. When you enter your home repeat step 9, scan the area, listen for any unfamiliar sounds in your house. Always be ready to defend yourself no matter what. This is not a about fear it’s about a prepared mindset!

12. Once you are safely in your home and comfortable. Please be mindful not to have your blinds or curtains wide open at night time or in a fashion where a predator can peep in on you. If you like to have your blinds and curtains open during the day you should make yourself aware of what that looks like from the outside. Make sure you are aware of what the view into your house looks like during the day. When you close your curtains or blinds for the night also be sure that there are no cracks or openings. Be aware, that a predator like a Peeping Tom, can work himself up into such a frenzy by watching you in your private moments that he will become determined to attack at the first opportunity. In many cases it is a neighbor.


This is a list of 12 key areas I think you should make part of your permanent memory. However, there is much more to know. Feel free to browse my book “The Awareness Formula” available at amazon.com. 

Although the cover shows a school bus, this book covers all areas of family safety!


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