Can you see the S.A.P.?

SUB ATOMIC PARTICLEs, they are everywhere! what or who is the origin. here is some food for thought…

How can one say I believe only in what I
can see?

This is a very ill advised statement,

We are walking through a

nature plant tree leaf landscape green sunlight sky body of water water sea horizon reflection atmosphere wave ocean afterglow dawn calm morning sunset evening cloud shore dusk daytime sunrise computer wallpaper red sky at morning meteorological phenomenon wind wave
veritable sea of “sap” (sub-atomic particles)

that we cannot see.

Processing 400 billion bits of

info per second but only aware of 2000 bits of that info,

… how can humans utter a credible word about

what does not exist?


We are 399,999,998, 000 bits short of seeing the full picture so…, using science to disprove the one who
created science does not make any sense.
… since what we see is made up
of what we don’t see.

The Book of Hai Clue is powerful book of poetic jewels, facts and parables, of scientific, biblical, and historic truth. It is an uncommon book. It is not a one time read, if you approach it in that fashion you will miss much of what this book is actually saying. This book will cause you to think more deeply about our creator, his invisible qualities, divine nature (Romans 1:20) and so much more.

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