Hello everyone, I am Sifu G. in 1998 after years of training in various martial

arts systems I created Shu Ha Ri Do. Shu Ha Ri Do is a 7 phase martial arts

system that features all phases of combat. I began teaching Shu Ha Ri Do

outside behind a school.  Since that time  I have been in the

newspaper, on a couple of FM talk radio shows, and have published multiple

books about my concepts. I don’t claim to be the best, in the world. There is

so much that I still learn and appreciate from students, peers, and mentors.

However, I can guarantee that Shu Ha Ri Do  with all of it’s unique and

powerful training philosophy and code of ethics will make a powerful

impact on your life. 20 years of teaching and hundreds of students are

confirmations. You have only but to google or youtube Shu Ha Ri Do, or

browse the website to see what Shu Ha Ri Do has to offer you. 

I will be choosing two students. With that being said, if you are in the Miami

area and you are interested in a chance to win simply subscribe and leave a

comment below telling me why you deserve or desire to win. The comment

that strikes me the most will win. To subscribe scroll down to the bottom

right side of the site. To leave a comment scroll to the bottom and you will

see the comment form.  Only those who leave a comment AND subscribe will

be considered. Thanks for you interest, have fun with your  replies!

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