Guard your passions

Hello everyone, in this post I would like to focus your attention on your passions. What are they?  What sparks a passion?  There are many things in life that can spark a passion. We must all be mindful that those sparks create positive, wise, Godly and righteous passions. Below is a poem from my book, “The Book of Hai Clue” in this poem I shed light on how music and media can be used in a way that sparks negative passions.  This is especially important for children, but adults should also remain alert to the power of music .

“Guard Your Passions”

Give it a nice rhythmic beat

And they’ll surely not see the deceit

Provide a nice tune

Or conceal destructive concepts in movies and cartoons

And they’ll consider it harmless all too soon.

Stir the passions through media and song

And before to long

Passion blinds rationale

Right or wrong.

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