Can you see better than a fly?

Meditate for a second on the incredible vision of a fly. 

A fly’s eye is made up  of what are called ommatidia

which are basically photo receptors that provide the fly with visual information about it’s environment. The average fly has more than 3300 ommatidia. Each ommatidia is like an eye unto itself. So in summary, what a fly sees is reproduced more than 3300 times. A fly’s vision is incredible.  So, here’s the question, if the fly could see the spiders web 

would he still get caught in it? With all that eye power why didn’t it see the web? Perhaps, the answer is because the spider is good at what he does. 

What are the webs woven around your life?

Can you see them at all?

Realize that the “spider” is good at what he does.

 If you ever were caught, and freed yourself from the “web” would you fly in that direction again? If so what could possibly entice you to continue the same self destructive flight pattern? What could be worth entrapping yourself again? If you did happen to free yourself be aware that you only barely escaped the web weaver. 

One mindset you must adopt in order to embrace the Shu Ha Ri Do Warrior’s Code is to learn how not to victimize your own self.

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