In the wake of the latest school shooting are left many grieving families, of

which I send my heart felt condolences. Truly, we live in a world where it is

hard to identify real threats, separate fact from fiction, or genuineness,

from agenda. So as we examine how this happened, why this happened, will

it happen again, and how we “act” after a “crisis” I propose embracing and

teaching as much wisdom to our children as possible.  Clearly, schools are

becoming a place of  high anxiety for children and parents.  I write this

today as an encouragement to all parents, that we are not powerless in this.

We have options. Perhaps home schooling for some, or private schools for

those who are capable. For so many of us neither of those are options.

What’s left?

Collective wisdom among students. Household to household I encourage

every parent to launch a focused campaign to teach their children even

better interpersonal skills, how to watch for signs of mental or emotional

distress among their fellow students, never to bully, or verbally abuse

classmates, and to advise teachers, counselors, and  principals, when they

observe any of those things. It is unfortunate that this has become the

climate. However,

adjustments must be made, and a big part of my philosophy is the

best way to deal with anxiety is to attack what you have control over.

Teaching and preparing our children is something we always have control

over.  I have written a tremendous amount about this subject in my book


I encourage everyone to get a copy of this book not just because I wrote it

but because what’s in it is information I have used to keep my family,

friends, and students safe.  My philosophy is unique, filled with profound

truths. To see several examples of this simply browse my post archives.

There is so much vital information in this book dealing with safety on every

level, work, home, vacationing, social media  and so much that will surprise

you because you have never considered it… Thanks for reading I pray for

safety and security for you  and your family.

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