The hidden secrets of ions and how they affect your daily life is amazing!!!



“In your quest for truth

consider the ion:

An ion is a negatively

or positively charged atom.

Well no ion has more

positive charge

than the QUEST-ion.”

In my “play on words” I am revealing the positive vibe or charge that comes from the QUEST-ion however, there is so much to be said about the literal positive charge of negative ions! In Shu Ha Ri Do I would link the mysterious attributes of the powerful vibes of negative ions to CHI or in other words that which God breathed into Adam. However, continuing with the current mode of thought about ions. Negative ions do incredible things for the human body, ironically positive ions do not, they are actually harmful.  Places where you will find the highest concentration of negative ions are in areas where there is fresh clean air (we actually breathe them in!) like in a forest, or nature preserve, the beach, before and after storms, near waterfalls, and especially near mountains.  The benefits of negative ions is not a secret they are proven scientifically!  Negative ions actually, enhance the immune system, purify the blood, neutralize free radicals, mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, balance the nervous system, relieve depression and anxiety, and so much more. In contrast, positive ions really hurt the body and can be found in abundance in polluted towns and cities, crowded and confined areas such as offices, industrial sites, schools, and vehicles, the highest concentration of unhealthy positive ions will be found in these areas. Below is a break down of where positive and negative ions are found.

Indutrial Areas50300
Shopping Arcades220280
Residential Areas200180
Hot Springs2,500820

It simply cannot be a coincidence that negatives ion are in abundance in nature and positive ions are in abundance in the unnatural world. You will notice in my “wisdom to live by” posts that there seems to be a pattern, a design to all of it, it’s simply hard to dismiss…


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